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Around the state and conference

Kirby Freeman's career at Baylor came to an end last night after one quarter of football. Freshman Robert Griffin is the present and future of Baylor football. Unfortunately, his immediate future is only going to lead to a single win over Northwestern State. Wait 'till next year, Baylor. Left tackle Jason Smith is a player though.

Baylor's biggest problem is their defense. An Art Briles coached team struggle on defense? No way! They played a vanilla zone for most of the game, and the Wake Forest quarterback made it look easy. Don't guard turf in your zone, Bears. Guard players. No pressure except for the occasional safety/corner blitz from the edge. The offense will come around, but you have to play defense to compete in the Big 12.

Iowa State beat the most overmatched team to come out of South Dakota since the Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee. True freshmen Darius Darks of Pflugerville and Sedric Johnson of Arp each caught touchdown passes for the Cyclones. Johnson is the guy they pried away from A&M. They did give up over 100 yards rushing to some dude named Kyle from Minnesota though. There's probably a blog out there somewhere with the rundown, but I'll be damned if I can find it.

UTEP got stomped by Buffalo last night. Not the Bills. The Bulls. But it doesn't matter because UTEP won the NCAA basketball title 40 years ago or something. Mike Price was spotted at Scores in New York after the game.