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Barking Bets Week 1

 height=Sorry, no elaborate write ups. Just feel comfortable betting the mortgage on these because they came at the request of a poster named Big Satan. Does it get any more solid than that?

Rice -3.5 vs. SMU 2 units. June Jones gets a Mack Brown style karmatic raping at the hands of Texas' best academic institution. Gas prices are high now, bitch. Clemens to Dillard times 4, 41-31 Rice.

Texas -23.5 vs. FAU 1 unit. Weekend at Bernie's stand-in Howard Schnellenberger had to open his pie hole and call Texas soft. Probably not the smartest card to play against a powerhouse that's looking for a reason to get up for the game after a dissapointing 2007 opener. FAU's experienced to be sure, but they return the same team that lost to BCS schools Okie State 42-6, Kentucky 45 -17, and Florida 59 - 20 in 2007. Will Muschamp's Auburn clubs struggled to score 59 in an entire month. Give this Texas defense 35 and they'll cover. They'll get that and then some. 45 - 10 Texas. And one more reason to bet Texas. The Owl defense.

Idaho +28 @ Arizona 1 unit. Probably the most mismatched mascot the state of Idaho could have chosen for its flagship institution. A Germanic tribe that sacked and ravaged Gaul and Spain? Seriously? That's reason enough to bet on the Vandals. That, and the 4 touchdowns backing a team that has an edge in the trenches offensively vs. a young, undersized Arizona DL. Hell, Arizona's defense returns just 2 starters overall. Throw in talented running back Deonte Jackson with some running room and it's probably enough to cause Mike Stoops to have a myocardial infarction...or an affair with a cheer leader. Sorry, wrong sport. Back Idaho and all you have to do is get to 14 to cover with Deonte's running milking the clock. Give me the points in a yawner. 35 to 17 Arizona.

Somewhere in Idaho.

Good luck with the picks and never lick a steak knife.