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Set your DVRs: Replay of FAU game

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The jocks at Fox Sports finally figured out how to remerchandize their stash of Big 12 games, so they are rolling out Big 12 No-Huddle this season. You essentially get their broadcast with all of the time cut from the whistle to the next snap. The entire game is shown in one hour. Just like the old Host Communications VHS tapes games back in the day.

Apparently, they already showed the game Sunday morning but I managed to snooze right through it.

1 PM Central Monday on Fox Southwest

Other Big 12 games that they are showing in this format:
Chattanooga @ Oklahoma - You mean I get to see what Sam Bradford looks like when lightening is in the area?
Colorado State vs. Colorado
Western Michigan @ Nebraska
Oklahoma State @ Washington State

And no, you sick bastards, they are not showing the Arkansas State/Texas A&M epic battle.

For showtimes, hit up the RUWT? website.