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USC and Alabama

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These were the two most impressive teams I watched yesterday. I'm not saying they're the two best teams in the country, but they both looked great.

The biggest difference between the Trojan teams of the last two years and this year's team is quarterback play.

Pete Carroll: "Mark (Sanchez) is resourceful in the pocket. That's an exciting aspect of our offense that I felt like we didn't have the last couple of years. I think we all sense it, and we've been excited about it."

In other words, when you pressure our QB this year, he won't throw 4 interceptions against Stanford. John David Booty was a good QB, but he didn't handle pressure well.

And Aaron Corp made his collegiate debut. Sucks to be you, Mitch Mustain.

Links to the Trojan blogosphere here and here.

Alabama physically imposed its will on Clemson. They mauled them in the running game and dominated time of possession. In the era of spread offenses, Bama just went old school on Clemson's ass.

Think of coaching each season of Division 1 football as being thrown into prison. Kick someone's ass the first day, or become someone's bitch. Nick Saban is nobody's bitch. Tommy Bowden? You know how we feel about him.

Bama DT Terrence Cody is unblockable. He's 6'5" 365, looks like shit in his uniform, but he wrecks havoc like an elephant that has escaped from its trainers.

Crimson Tide fans are rightfully excited about this season.

There were a couple of big injuries for Top 5 teams yesterday. Ohio State's Beanie Wells left the game with an ankle injury, and there is no word on his status. Jim Tressel is smart so he'll probably keep the Trojans guessing until game time.

Georgia lost starting defensive tackle Geno Atkins for the year to a torn ACL. So now they've lost both their best offensive lineman (Trinton Sturdivant) and best defensive lineman. Ouch. Good think Marc Richt is one of the ten best coaches in the country. Or is he?