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View From The North Endzone

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52-10 will look pretty damn good from any angle in DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium-Joe Jamail Field-Taco Bell Jumbotron, but the intitial impression from seats dead in the middle of the new north endzone addition, is that it is a great place to watch a game from.

You are close enough to the action that the players don't look like pieces from the old electric football game, and high up enough to give you a coach's film view of the action as it unfolds. You can see every play develop, from the pattern of line blocking, to the rotation of the defense, as well as being able to anticipate when and where an offensive hole will open up. And it also affords you a terrific view of the replay on Jumbotron, so you can get a closer view of the play.


A couple of quick impressions:

* Colt McCoy did a terrific job of running through his progressions -- which was nice since from the coach's video view it sure didn't look like any of our WR's were getting initial separation at the snap.

* And as Henry James points out, our defensive line did pressure the QB

* When Colt McCoy ran in with 3:25 to go in the 2nd quarter to make it 28-3, the season ticket holders on the lower west side declared the game officially over and packed it in.