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Homophobic SEC Gets Punked by Sweater Vest

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For 2 quarters, former SEC heavyweight champion Tennessee and Coach Phil Fulmer asserted a ground and pound strategy that lent itself to a decisive lead on the judges' scorecard against upstart UCLA and Coach Rick Neuheisel. However, like a seasoned Brazilian jiu-jitsu veteran, Neuheisel kept the match within reach and at the last moment, sunk a triangle choke on the winded and out of shape Fulmer forcing him to tap in the last round. Fulmer was quoted after the game, "It smelled like cheese and Pinot Noir down there (Neuheisel's crotch). I couldn't take it any more and I didn't want to risk catching the gay before conference starts."

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Also of note, Brian Bosworth's twin nephews both started for the UCLA defense. I found that amusing.