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Week One - What We Learned

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Week One: What we learned.

It’s finally here. No more Olympics, no more baseball (for me anyway), no more scanning the Internet for a sliver of news about your favorite team. Our favorite time of the year is finally upon us again and I couldn’t be happier.

So, after one week of glorious college football, what have we learned?

1. USC is good. Really good. The showdown with the Buckeyes should almost certainly determine one half of the BCS championship game. Sanchez is better than Booty already, and may even move towards Leinart territory by the end of the year. Of course, it was just Virginia which brings me to my second point.

2. The ACC is terrible. It’s actually worse than anyone imagined. Last year’s conference champ lost to East Carolina. South Carolina blasted NC State on Thursday night. The aforementioned Virginia team couldn’t even be bothered to put up a fight against USC. And Clemson, the one supposedly bright spot in the conference, was decimated by an Alabama team that is at least two years away from even competing in the SEC.

3. Sticking with a theme here, Clemson is vastly overrated. Don’t get me wrong, they may still win the ACC. The only problem is, no one will care. This team showed nothing against the Tide. They had a national showcase in which to announce their presence this season with authority. Hey Clemson, no one respects your authority. By the way, look out for Bama this year. They could pull an upset or two out of the hat while still finishing third in their division.

4. The top teams in the country are interchangeable at this point. Yes, USC was impressive, but no one expects anything out of Virginia anyway. Ohio St, UGA, Oklahoma, Florida, and LSU all played opponents that were well below their level of talent. Not much can be determined by watching any of these games. Right now we don’t know much more than we did at this time last week about any of the top tier teams.

5. Rich Rod has a lot of work to do in Ann Arbor. A lot of work. Michigan fans are going to have to be very patient, but the man can coach and he can build. Give it time; I imagine the ride will be fun for you.

Finally, after watching the Tennessee – UCLA game, I have to say that the Vols have a potentially big problem. They are a solid defensive team with a potentially great running game. However, they completely abandoned that running game at times for no apparent reason. Crompton can be a good, solid, game managing type of quarterback. He is not going to be a stat machine, and he shouldn’t have to be. Tennessee has the backs and the line to pound it on the ground, trying to place games on Crompton’s shoulders is a major mistake. In this case, it was also completely unnecessary. This team needs to find an identity very quickly or they are in for a very long year. UCLA was impressive in the second half, but UGA, Florida, and maybe even Bama, would have torched this Tennessee team tonight. They need to get it together immediately if they hope to contend for the conference championship.

There it is. One week in the books and not too much has changed. We did get a couple of exciting games this week, including a very entertaining one Monday night. Bottom line, its the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy it.