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We're Number One - No You're Not

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"We’re number 1 – No you’re not."

Ok, so it was fun while it lasted. The University of Georgia was dropped from the number one slot in both major polls today as a result of their win against Georgia Southern. Wait, what? They won and were dropped from the #1 spot? Yep, and I am fine with that.

Southern Cal is now the number one team in the country based on its dominating performance on the road against the Virginia Cavaliers. USC was impressive on Saturday and they deserve to be #1 right now. The winner of the upcoming showdown between the Trojans and the Buckeyes was destined to move up to the top spot anyway, so this is just the inevitable coming to fruition a little early.

Georgia players don’t seem to mind it either, barely acknowledging the change in the polls when asked about it after practice today. The Dawgs are preparing for a deceptively tough matchup with Central Michigan this weekend. Many people consider this to be simply a warm-up for the hard road ahead. However, the Bulldogs have to be careful to not take this game lightly. Overlooking the Chippewas could cause a much sharper fall in the polls than just going from one to two.

Chippewas quarterback Dan LeFevour is one of the nation’s best. His numbers last year were even more impressive than Tebow’s (the greatest player of our era, lest we forget), and this is a potentially dangerous spot for the Dawgs. I don’t expect an upset, but a close game for three quarters or more would not surprise me at all. The Bulldogs are notoriously slow starters, always seeming to struggle a bit with teams that don’t match up talent-wise, and with USC-east coming up next week, overlooking Central Michigan may be an unfortunate inevitability.

So don’t be shocked if UGA drops to number 3 next week, despite winning by 20 or more at home, thus setting up a one versus two matchup for week three in Pasadena. That would make the TV people very happy, and I don’t think it would bother the Bulldogs one bit. After all, one of them has to lose, right?