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Barking Bets Week 2

I'm headed out to El Paso tomorrow and there's no guarantee I'll have a connection. For that reason, some brief betting write ups. I've been capping these since the lines came out. Big card this week. Let's keep that train rolling. Up 1.9 units going to week 2.

Northwestern -6.5 @ Duke 1 unit. Brent Musberger vs. Bobby Hurley. Good grief this line should be a pick. I'll take Northwestern because they are better at matriculating the ball. Wildcats by 14.

Holy shit, Big and Rich are playing at the Republican National Convention. Give me Musberger.

Confusing like a 3-3-5.

Georgia Tech +7.5 @ Boston College 2 units. Chan Gailey and Matt Ryan are gone. Two wins for the Jackets. Add one of the most underrated coaches in college football in Paul Johnson. If Mike Leach is Barrack Obama, Johnson is Ronald Reagan. Tech spends the afternoon confounding the BC defense with 10 first downs in the first half and trickle down economics. That's two more first downs than the Jackets achieved in the entire month of September 2007 and more economics courses than the entire Miami Hurricane defense has attended since the school's inception. GA Tech wins by a field goal.

Miami +21 @ Florida 1 unit. Hawaii played Florida much closer than people think. Florida's defense is porous and Miami has young coaching star Randy Shannon. The Gators will need to get in the 40's to cover. Gimme that bet everytime with a team of athletes and a well coached defense. 35-24 Florida.

Central Michigan +23.5 @ Georgia. Dan Lefevour > Matt Stafford. Remember Georgia barely snuck by a similar team in Troy last year 44-34. That's a big number to cover on the ground. 38 - 24 Dawgs.

Don't face rape me, bro.

Wyoming -3 vs. AF 2 units. Pure value bet here. Wyoming is getting shellacked with linesmakers because of its poor showing in a win vs. Ohio. Problem for AF, is they'll have the Cowboys full attention and it helps that their defense is built to stop the Falcon's rushing attack. Had Wyoming lost last week, I wouldn't be playing this. They should roll after having been Dave Lapham faced raped in practice all week. 31 to 17 Cowboys.

Should be a winning week. I'm as confident as a democratic super-delegate in UTAH.