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College Gameday in Austin?

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ESPN announced yesterday that Chris, Kirk, Lee, and Desmond (how does he still draw a paycheck?) are going to be in Gainesville for the Miami-Florida match-up. That should tell you how shitty this week's games are since this is not 2001 and Florida is favored by 3 touchdowns.

That will be Florida's 28th appearance on College Gameday which leads the country.

Here is the Top 10 list:

Rank School Shows

1. Florida 27
2. Ohio State 22
T3. Florida State 21
T3. Michigan 21
T5. Notre Dame 18
T5. Oklahoma 18
7. Tennessee 17
8. Miami (Fla.) 16
9. Nebraska 15
10. Southern Cal 14

Well Done
How is Texas not on this list?

ESPN has been doing the remote locations since 1993. How many times have we been the GameDay location?

I can recall the Colorado/Texas game in 1995 1994 where Rashaan Salaam announced his Heisman campaign. A lot of people became Heisman candidates on our Mackovic defenses. It was also the only home game I missed while a student at Texas thanks to a buddy knocking up a girl and having to have a wedding during football season.

1999 Nebraska game at home - I believe this ended up being the Matthew McConaughey bongo game; Major Applewhite thanks that Nebraska RB for the goal line fumbles

Red River Shootout in 2001 and 2002 - Both teams top 5 and undefeated going in; nuff said

@ the Horseshoe in 2005 - did you know that Ohio State had never lost a night home game? "Fuck you very much," Signed Vince Young

I think we had the Texas Tech game in Austin that year too.

I assume GameDay was at the Greatest Game in College Football History in the Rose Bowl that year.

Is that it? Wow. That is surprising. Surely I am missing some.

On a side note, we are hosting the College GameDay Basketball in February when we host Oklahoma.

Any chance the game when we host Missouri gets selected?