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The SEC Loves Home Cooking

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And why shouldn't they? Their rep as the best conference in the country lets them schedule non-conference games at home against cupcakes while using how they chew each other up in conference play as the main reason for keeping their position as the best conference in the BCS. They sure don't stray too far from home for out of conference games. Since 1998, the SEC is 40-39 in nonconference road games. That mark drops to 24-31 at schools from BCS conferences. Thanks to the Wiz of Odds for the heads up.

Georgia heads out to Arizona St. later this month, and it blows their entire travel budget for the decade. The Bulldogs traveled exactly 358 miles over the last 10 years for non-conference games -- most of that mileage to go to Atlanta every other year to play Georgia Tech.

So this year Tennessee loses at UCLA, and later this season, Arkansas plays here against Texas, Auburn is at West Virginia, and as mentioned, Georgia travels to Arizona State.

Don't expect to see even this small selection of road games from the SEC any time soon after this season. The multi-million dollar contract with ESPN covers only home games for SEC teams, which means that they will be more than happy to schedule 3 or 4 non-conference games at home -- even if that means getting more D-1AA (excuse me, Football Championshp Series teams) on the schedule.