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Let's cover what we learned in this interesting final episode:

- Marion the Barbarian has a softer side, that being he's the black version of Beethoven.

- Pacman Jones still fishes with a Zebco 33.

- Pacman won't be gleeking on ho's or strippers as the bitches TO lines up are more than willing.

- Poor Danny Amendola, he's resigned to $88,000 for 17 weeks of practicing football and running the circuit of hot Uptown tail with these 5 words, "I play for the Cowboys." Best pickup line ever in this town.

- Kiki Lattimore should move to linebacker or fullback.

- Amarillo Palo Duro representin' with a practice squad player in Julius Crosslin, the first since William Thomas to find a place in the league.

- Martellus Bennett will be better than Antonio Gates, if he ever gets his shit together. Laugh, but he's faster, has just as good of hands, and will eventually be one of the premier blocking tight ends in the NFL. I love the way that guy blocks.

- All of those who picked Witten on their fantasy team will receive their dividends with 10 catches for 120 yards a game and 2 TDs until the WRs get healthy.

Feel free to add what you learned, that's all I can think of right now.


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