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I never get tired of reading this stuff. It's the Texas Football equivalent of Penthouse Forum.

Aaron Lewis on Will Muschamp: "I love him and he's a great guy. I can't explain it. He's just amazing to play for. He's young, he's hyper, he's energetic and he gets after the defensive line. He's going to get after you, and I like that, personally. I like a coach who's not going to be afraid. He's not going to be quiet, he's going to yell at plays and try to get you motivated."

Blake Gideon on Will Muschamp: "He's intense, to say the least. He gets everybody fired up every day. He's the same guy every day in practice. I think it's easy to play for a guy like that, just knowing what's coming every day. Like I said, he's intense, and I've always liked playing for a coach like that. It's working out well. He's not a guy to really talk about himself much, or the past at all. We talk about the day before practice, we correct the mistakes and we move forward from that. It's obvious that he was a hard worker to get where he is today. He really doesn't have to tell us exactly how he got where he is. It's just obvious."