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More Week 2 College Football Line Action

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I don’t really want to steel Trips Right’s thunder with adding some more games, but since the Prodigal Son returned to Juarez El Paso early this week, I think we need to revive some line talk. Plus, if we don’t, Big Satan will resort to only betting 5-team parlays.

A few updates on two of Trips' picks:

Miami +21 @ Florida 1 unit. Hawaii played Florida much closer than people think. Florida’s defense is porous and Miami has young coaching star Randy Shannon. The Gators will need to get in the 40’s to cover. Gimme that bet everytime with a team of athletes and a well coached defense. 35-24 Florida.

This line has edged up over the 3 TD mark to 22 or 22.5. That is a nice 1.5 move if you liked it at 21 even.

Central Michigan +23.5 @ Georgia. Dan Lefevour > Matt Stafford. Remember Georgia barely snuck by a similar team in Troy last year 44-34. That’s a big number to cover on the ground. 38 - 24 Dawgs

This line has edged up over 24. Again, that is a critical crossover. I also think Georgia may be looking ahead to their SEC opener in Columbia, SC next week, particularly after watching them last night. I like this game BIG.

Now, on to some other games that I like.

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West Virginia opened at a 10.5 point favorite at East Carolina and that line has dropped all the way to 7.5. Why? Well, East Carolina has gotten a lot of love on national TV with its win over Virginia Tech. It also helps that Lou’s son is the HC at East Carolina.

The nation (and everyone on the campus) has spent the last 7 days patting this CUSA team on the back. It is hard to keep your focus. Plus, West Virginia put 599 yards against this defense last year (9 of their 11 are back). How much improvement are you expecting? West Virginia outgained them by 439 yards last year and won by 41. Let’s face it – a lot has changed in Morgantown in the past 12 months, but they will still roll the Pirates. ARG!!

Kansas -20 hosting LA Tech – When you are picked 7th in the WAC, you are not a good team. Yes, but they beat an SEC opponent last week! I watched the game – Mississippi State is terrible, they will go 0-8 in the SEC. SEC wishes the state of Mississippi didn’t exist when arguing conference supremacy. This is a young LA Tech team that won 5 ballgames last year and now they have to travel to Kansas. LA Tech was lost 12 straight when traveling to face a BCS team by an average of 37 points. Kansas is still trying to figure out their run game, but their defense and passing game are still humming, so look for a 45-14 final.

Houston @ Oklahoma State OVER 57.5 – This one is pretty straight forward. The average total last week was just under 52. These two offenses scored 55 and 39, respectively. And the Cowboys played a decent BCS opponent on the road to notch their 39 after a very sluggish start. Neither team likes to play defense. Take the OVER.

For those of you who like to bet totals, strictly for entertainment purposes of course, you should have already figured out that the ballyhooed time clock changes are not changing a whole. In fact, this year’s first week average points scored actually increased by 2.4 points from last year’s first weekend (51.6, 49.2). ran a solid article on "College rule changes and how they impact totals" which is well worth the read.