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Primer: Defending UTEP

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Just some quick pre-game notes on a Saturday, ensuring nobody will read them.

- UTEP uses a ton of 4 WR, almost as a base formation. This will be our first spread team so we'll see, at least in the first quarter, how Muschamp will react to the formation. Once it gets out of hand we'll probably go back to 3 LBs best we can.

- The Mike Price spread isn't like modern spread offenses. They go down the field. They send a guy deep every single play called the "hero." UTEP stinks, but I will guarantee on this page that we'll get beat for a few deep balls because our safeties still wear diapers. Don't freak out.

- The Longhorn Internets were abuzz about our lack of sacks last week. FAU gameplanned specifically to avoid them. Don't freak out. This will be our week to see what we can do. The put 4 WR on the field, and Trevor Vittatoe will stand his statuesque ass in the pocket and wait for that hero route to develop. If we can knock him around and take that option off the table, this game will be over really quickly. Our sack total will reflect just how brave Vittatoe is.