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Barking Bets Week 3

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This will be a Hurricane Ike driven writeup. I've just now finished boarding up my home so I'll give you the opportunity to take advantage of my karmic good fortune. Down 2.6 units but looking for an act of God to make things up.

On to the bets.

San Jose State -5.5 vs. SDSU 2 units.
BYU -7 -120 vs. UCLA 2 units.
Central Michigan -3 @ Ohio. 1 unit.
Central Michigan/ohio over 51. 1 unit.
Southern Miss +3 @ Arkansas State. 1 unit.
Southern Miss/Arkansas State over 52. 1 unit.
Arizona -10 @ UNM. 2 units.
nevada +27 @ Mizzu. 1 unit.

That's it. Play 'em. My Cat 3 is your gain.