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Burn Baby Burn

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Editors Note: Phenomenal Smith of the soon to be re-launched Atomic Teeth blog sent us a few notes about callow Mizzou signal caller Blaine Gabbert's redshirt getting torched and the gnashing of teeth by the Tiger faithful. - SR

Like a copy of Slaughterhouse-Five in Wasilla, Blaine Gabbert’s redshirt went up in smoke Saturday. Gabbert, an Elite 11 alum and arguably the top recruit in the Pinkel years, played much like you’d expect a true freshman to play, gunning 100 MPH fastballs over receivers’ heads and at their feet. Some might wonder why Pinkel would pull the redshirt, but it was unquestionably the smart thing to do.

When the Era of Chases (Daniel and Patton) comes to an end this year, Mizzou will be left with three scholarship QBs, Blaine Gabbert, and two incoming freshmen named Other Blaine and Ashton (there is no truth to the rumor that Abercrombie & Fitch are walking on). Much like Pinkel got Chase Daniel snaps as a true freshman even though Brad Smith didn’t need help, Gabbert is learning on the job while Daniel is around. Hey, Gabbert admitted he was nervous playing against SEMO. Imagine the nerves if he first lined up under center September 5, 2009 against a veteran Illini team looking to exact its revenge for four straight losses at the Ed. Yikes. Pinkel won’t admit he pulled the redshirt with an eye toward next year, but he will certainly rest more easily now that he did. Tiger fans, let the flames from the redshirt warm your heart and ease your mind.