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Big 12 NFL Win Trends

An excellent piece of work from our friends at Atomic Teeth. I was invigorated by this work as much as a potion made of tiger penis drunk from a rhino horn. It's stuff like this that will revitalize the economy of Blaine, MO until the next stool boom.

There's a lot of stuff to consider here:

- Look at the win dominance of Texas/OU vis a vis the rest of the Dirty Dozen.

- Compare the 5 year win total on the final chart to the 10. The contrast is program momentum. Kansas, Missouri & Oklahoma State have it. Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas State don't.

- Anyone else surprised that Texas Tech is #3 in wins in the 5 year view? I'm not. Mike Leach may crap his bed at the micro level from time to time every year, but at the macro level Tech never falls apart during a season. They are massive overachievers. You gutty men from Muleshoe!

Pick it apart and tell me a story.

Or better yet, it's game week, you could just go over there and manufacture some false enmity between our fan bases. Here's one Missouri fan's half-hearted attempt at picking a fight. Dude, did you really just go Aggie and saw the Horns off?

That hurts us when you do that. As much as the upside down Horns.

Please don't.