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ESPN Experts Heisman Poll

ESPN has assembled a panel comprising 'analysts, former players, former coaches and's college football staff' to vote on their Heisman candidates at this point in the season.

Chase Daniel is the clear favorite at this point followed by Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. I'd personally rank Sanchez number one at this point because he has a marquee win, and none of the other frontrunners have played anyone worth a shit.

Tim Griffin is one of the panelists, and he lists Tebow first. Griffin says Tebow is 'Still the early clubhouse leader' even though 'his numbers have been pedestrian so far this season' and he's 'still waiting for something to wow me.'

I obviously disagree with his thinking. The Heisman is not someone's to lose. It is someone's to win. What Tebow did last year is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is what he does this year. So Griffin has Tebow as his Heisman favorite for reasons that have nothing to do with what Tebow has done on the field.