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2008 Computer Ratings

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Four weeks into the season seems as good a time as any to publish my computer ratings for the first time. Unlike Sagarin and Massey, who are even geekier than I am and also much better at math, I don't apply a Bayesian weighting to the early-season ratings based on prior performance. This would make them look better and closer to reality, but they will sort out eventually anyway.

The first set of ratings are the ones that I use for historical comparisons. Because the internet is a fairly recent phenomenon, we don't have all scores of all college football games for most of the seasons already played. So I will continue to publish this set that uses only games between D-1A opponents.

However, more information is always good when doing stuff like this, so here are the full ratings that include all 716 college football teams that can be connected by the end of the year. Unlike previous years, though, I have broken down the ratings within each division's page to include only those teams for assigning the final rating. This way it will be easy to tell which team was most dominant relative to their own level of competition.