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Glib take on last week's games

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I finally got to sit down and watch some games this weekend.

Alabama is not as good as their ranking. They're very one dimensional on offense, and John Parker Wilson Lewis Can't Lose is mediocre. Any team that forces them to pass has a chance. Their defense is giving up yards but not points, and that's the only thing that matters Texas fans.

Remember when Florida State had good quarterback play? Yeah, me neither. They've agreed to hand over the coaching reigns to a guy whose quarterbacks went 12-36 with 5 interceptions against Wake Forest on Saturday. Bobby Bowden has now lost three straight to Jim Grobe with the Seminole offense combining for 24 points in those three losses.

Tim Tebow is now my Heisman favorite after rolling up 124 total yards against Tennessee, mostly in 2.2 yard chunks. Much has been made about Urban Meyer's inability to find a tailback, but he hasn't found a receiver outside of Percy Harvin either. The Gators will win this year because of defense, but they won't win the SEC.

Matt Stafford gets away with a lot of stuff. Throwing off his back foot, throwing late, throwing high, etc. His job is not to lose the game. Think of him as Craig Krenzel with a better arm. Georgia's defense is outstanding, and that's why they're going to win the SEC.

Ohio State found their new quarterback in Terrelle Pryor. When they get Beanie Wells back, they'll suddenly find themselves with two playmakers in the backfield. And then Jim Tressel will promptly handcuff them with his conservative offense.

Baylor's Robert Griffin is very good, but he's playing for Art Briles. That means he'll never have a defense worth a damn.

Les Miles coaches without fear. It will come back to haunt him at some point (along with poor QB play), but for now LSU is a fun team to watch because Miles lets his playmakers make plays.