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Revising my Top 10 Coaches list

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Yes, Nick Saban's had his team for less than a year and a half and he just dominated Richt's more talented unit.

But since I neglected that UGA was a solid 5-3 when Mars is in retrograde, I would like to announce that he has sprung past Saban on the list, which drops Tedford off. Sucks for him, but I'm not going to stick guys on the list that forget they need to field a defense until the night before the first game.

I apologize to all UGA fans who were offended at the inclusion of Saban and not Richt. My bad!

But seriously folks, this guy is supposed to be a QB guru, and he can't teach 5 star prospects to throw more than one catchable pass out of three? To get a pass off in under 5 seconds? Stafford got to campus with those skills! Since his Scotty days he's just been slowly unlearning how to play QB.

Based on Richt's time at FSU last century, I wonder if the entirety of his offensive playbook is telling the WRs to go deep, and "Weinke--er Stafford, you just throw it to one of them. OK I'm going to bang Erin Andrews (you know he is)."

They have trouble protecting Stafford because they don't move the pocket enough, and every pass is down the field. Think teams don't know what's coming? Look at Stafford's second INT. Pressure forces him to roll, and the throws into triple coverage 30 yards down field. If you're only making the defense defend two spots on the field -- 40 yards apart -- you aren't going to succeed. I saw more balls into double coverage tonight than I have in years of orgy videos from the internet.

I spoke briefly to Coach Richt later on during the day when he was taking questions from attendees in another room before he left. I asked him a follow up question about the plays somewhat declining effectiveness compared to the Florida State years. Coach Richt replied that he used to think it was easy to make the play work. However in reality and with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight it was special players like Charlie Ward and Warrick Dunn that made it so effective in the past.

You said it, coach, although you forgot to mention ACC defenses in the equation. Better go hit the recruiting trail.

PS - AJ Green is amazingly good. I will now slink back into my hole and emerge in a couple weeks when I am right about something else. That's just award winning journalism.