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The defense today, etc

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That switch finally flipped.

The moribund group that was so emotionally beaten down from sucking for two straight years looked like they remembered how much fun you were supposed to have. All season long the only regular displays of enthusiasm came from Blake Gideon and Muschamp himself.

That's what sacks and big hits do. You can't get the latter if you can't anticipate, and you don't anticipate as a freshman. No matter how many points are scored on this group this coming month, the important thing is that they get better every single week -- something they've done so far.

They are a long way from ready, in fact I'd be surprised if OU gets less than 30, but you cannot look at the young talent on the team and not be excited for this season and the next couple after it.


- Thanks to whoever convinced Orakpo that he's not a speed rusher. The guys rip move is off the charts good thanks to his relative strength and that's where his success will come from. 4+ years too late, but late is better than never. Watching slow pocket QBs outrun the guy isn't fun though.

- The interior of the OL is soft. DL manhandle them regularly. I still think we move laterally too much.

- Told you Jordan Shipley was fucking good.

- Keenan Robinson, Aaron Williams, Sam Acho, Curtis Brown and Ben Wells are all future superstars. Frankly, I'm surprised Acho doesn't play more now as it is. If we make even a half decent post-Muschamp hire we are in great shape.

-  Watching Jimmy Clausen outplay half the NFL today reminds me not to be too harsh on young John Chiles. But man, Sherrod Harris must've deleted all the DMX off Mack Brown's iPod or something. If Chiles can't run, which he can't, I'm not sure what he is supposed to bring to the table. He's a poor man's Reggie McNeal right now.