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Ratings and Notes

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First, here are the Division 1-A games only and the all divisions included ratings. Some big movement, of course, but I would still give them a week or two. By the end of 10/11 they should be fairly trustworthy. Perhaps even next week.

A few notes on our first four games:

- This is the third time in Texas history that the football team has won at least four straight games by more than 28 points. The other two times were in 1969 and 1941 and the team went on to win a fifth straight game by more than 28 points on both occasions.

- This is the first time that Texas has started the season with four such blowouts. The 1941 team, however, won their first game 34-6, exactly 28 points, before starting their five-game streak.

- The 1969 streak ended with the 15-14 Game of the Century win over Arkansas. The 1941 streak ended with the devastating 7-7 tie at Baylor.

- This is, of course, the first time Texas has won three games in a single season by the same score. Previously Texas had won by the same score twice in a season 18 times, lost by the same score twice three times, and tied a game by the same score once. The 1901 and 1920 teams both won two pairs of games by identical scores.

- It is also the first time three Texas games in a single season have ended with the same score regardless of winner.

- This is the first Texas defense since the great 1983 unit to hold four consecutive opponents under 14 points. Going backwards chronologically, here are the other teams to accomplish the feat since WWII: 1979 (twice, including a 6-game streak), 1972 (last 6 games), 1967, 1965, 1964, 1963 (all 11 games), 1962 (two 5-game streaks), 1961 (9-game streak), 1960, 1959 (8-game streak), 1947, 1946. I think the game has changed a little.

A look at the betting lines for next week

Here are some plays as recommended by my ratings based on opening lines found at

Auburn -4 @ Vanderbilt - Predicted result: Vanderbilt by 20.

Okay, the 20-point margin is a little crazy. Vanderbilt is getting a lot of credit at this point for having beaten Ole Miss. Still, it's tough to see Auburn favored on the road against a decent team if you've watched their offense this year.

Texas -13.5 @ Colorado - Predicted result: Texas by 32.

With another injury on the Colorado OL, this game should not be close. Double digit road favorite lines are scary for fans to bet but this one should tempt you.

BYU -30 @ Utah St. - Predicted result: BYU by 17.

BYU's rating is being held back a bit by a 1-point win against a really bad Washington team that should have gone to overtime. They also only beat Northern Iowa by 24 at home earlier this year. But their last two games have been a 59-0 win over UCLA and a 44-0 win over Wyoming.

Penn St. -12 @ Purdue - Predicted result: Penn St. by 24.

Penn St. has been really good so far and Purdue hasn't. Another double digit road favorite that looks even stronger than the line.

Oregon -17 @ Southern Cal - Predicted result: Southern Cal by 6.

I personally wouldn't touch this line. Southern Cal is known to have some stinkers, but they should be focused this week.

None of the other lines available so far vary from my ratings' predicted margins by 10 points or more.