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Belated Arkansas thoughts

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The advantage of this blog is that you get viewpoints from multiple contributors of various backgrounds. Backgrounds like white, really white and ‘makes the dude from Powder look like Wesley Snipes.’ The disadvantage is that we see a lot of things the same. The last guy who posts usually isn’t breaking any new ground. So pretend this is the first time you’ve heard this shit.

We’ve found a nice consistency thus far. Last year we struggled with the likes of Arkansas State and Central Florida. This year, we’re putting opponents away midway through the second quarter. It’s not a gauntlet we’re running, but we’re doing what good teams do against poor competition. Beating the living shit out of them.

Colt McCoy is playing as well as any player in the country. He understands the offense and what he’s asked to do in it. The problem is that he’s being asked to do too much. If he plays poorly, our offense has no chance whatsoever.

John Chiles is hesitant in the running game and collapses at first contact. Not good.

Our running game is still a mess. Cody Johnson is getting a lot of fans excited, but he doesn’t have any burst so good defenses are going to get him wrapped up before he can get a head of steam going. But we’re expecting a 6’0" 255 pounder to run the same plays as a 5’9" 195 pound player. It’s crazy, but we’ve seen enough of it that we just accept it. And I’ve no clue why we pulled Jeremy Hills’ redshirt. Because we need someone to hand the ball to in garbage time?

Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby are great at what they are asked to do. What they are asked to do is catch a lot of short stuff against man defense while finding soft spots against zone. Malcolm Williams is gone, replaced by Brandon Collins and James Kirkendoll. That may be a good thing because they’re better suited for what we are doing well right now.

We’re back to pretty much every offensive line we’re had under Mack Brown. They look great pass blocking, but they’re soft in the running game.

Our defensive line is fantastic. The ends as a group are maybe the best we’ve had since the Akers years. I wish we perhaps had one more defensive tackle, but we have two very good ones. Brian Orakpo is now understanding the importance of leverage in rushing the passer. Mark a spot in the backfield, and beat the tackle to it. Use your bench press to keep the blocker from getting his hands on you rather than trying to bull rush him.

This is a hustling defense. Watch Henry Melton’s sack and forced fumble against Arkansas. He was after the ball, not the quarterback. Once the ball was out, he tossed the QB away and went after the football along with what looked like half a dozen other guys. Sergio Kindle and Eddie Jones each make at least one play a game based on hustle alone.

At times it looks like we don’t teach our corners to turn and look for the ball. We should if we’re going to start playing more man. We brought probably half a dozen blitzes using a defensive back against Arkansas. Will Muschamp is putting in more of his defense.

Now the conference starts. Boulder can be a tough place to play if we allow the Buffs to hang around. If we put them away early, that stadium will empty during the third quarter.