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Put that liquor down! This is God's country, son! (and other randomness on a Tuesday morning)

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We begin with this report from Saturday's Notre Dame game.
Can you imagine if they started these practices in the South? Or at Wisconsin for that matter?

Saturday's UGA game drove a former player to drink (and get arrested for his troubles).
Believe me, if they sold liquor in the stadium, I would have been right there with you Danny. Bonus points for the face logos in the mug shot.

The first Harris poll is out. Nothing shocking, but does anyone believe USC deserves that #7 spot at this point?

The new clock rules have definitely reduced the number of plays per game, but the games don't seem to be any shorter. Wonder why that is?

New rule: Next time Tebow cries in public, we're taking his Heisman away.

And finally, for no reason at all, one of the Tempe 12