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Sunday Motivational: Texas Kicks the Crap Out Of OU

Maybe it's the Sunday afterglow of a satisfying win. Maybe it's the euphoria of watching 18 solid hours of College Football yesterday for the first time all year, what with no weddings to attend or biblical storms bearing down on my DirecTV satellite. By the way, I want to give a shout out to my mom-in-law for anointing my home with holy oil pre-Ike. I'm convinced this is the reason my back fence was decimated and the dish sitting atop my two story bullseye didn't waver a centimeter.

But in any event, I'm as satisfied as I can be after the Horn's performance in Boulder. I'm as happy as HenryJames, the hip-hop amorist, making his Sunday morning walk of shame out of the Zeta house. Needless to say, I'm thrilled. As a Texas fan, you should be thrilled as well. Resolved in the fact that we're going to kick the crap out the sooners. If you're not quite on board, here's your motivation.

What's up dog
HJ's pregame.

Will Muschamp. It all starts at the top. At the very least you can count on one side of the ball coming out breathing fire in this game. That's great. But you can also count on the defense playing sound, disciplined football, which will force OU to earn everything they get. Remember last year the Sooner offense benefitted from two busted coverages leading to two cheap scores. Fast forward to 2008, and not only should the Texas defense be in better position to make plays, but they'll be schemed and deployed in a way that maximizes their ability to succeed. Which leads me to motivation number two.

Johnny Dingle. Who the hell is Johnny Dingle, you ask? He's the smallish West Virginia DE that terrorized the Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl last year, and he's a shining example of why you should be confident in the fact that Orakpo, Melton, Acho, and Jones will get pressure against the behemoth OT's the Sooners will roll out Saturday. Pressure from the Texas front four should make it a long afternoon for Bradford and the Sooner offense, especially when you consider how OU is geared to attack with longer developing pass plays, and Bradford is a bit statuesque as far as mobility goes.

Texas front four should be a pain in the ass for Bradford.

Blitzing. Again, back to the defense. Muschamp has been adding bits and pieces to the Texas defensive arsenal week to week, and with a front 7 depth chart with at least 3 surefire NFL pass rushers, Orakpo, Acho, and Kindle, that arsenal should be able to confuse the bigger Sooner front with a variety of blitz packages that have yet to show up on game tape. Look for Texas to get pressure on the Trail of Tears quarterback. A couple of sacks and big hits will go a long way in rattling the usually untouched Sooner signal caller.

Blitz Packages.

Offense and the offensive. Well let's just say our fans look nicer in tucked Polos than theirs do in jorts, Jason White game jerseys, and crimson crocs. I'd love to say we'll see some wrinkles in our OC's gameplan, but if I had to bet, I'd bet on jorts and crocs from OU fandom. F' Greg Davis for making me settle. F' sooner nation for sucking.

On offense, my wish list includes some double moves, traditional screens, and the occasional trick play that doesn't include John Chiles. He'd be my tail back if I were king for a day. Instead, I'll have to settle for making fun of sooners in this section. Much like they've made fun of our offense for the last 8 years.

But whatever. Five and O has the juices flowing. I'm ready. I'm motivated. I've pulled my bail money out of the bank and have it packed with my State Fair Game ticket. See you at the Cotton Bowl. Hook 'EM.

Your counterparts.