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TX/OU Must See

Barking Carnival is buzzing this week with contributions ranging from looking back to games of yore to gameweek breakdowns.

Must see
You do not want to miss these, um, posts:

Trips Right woke up Sunday morning with wood and pointed out four things to be hopeful about:

1. Will Muschamp
2. Johnny Dingle (i.e. our defensive ends versus their offensive tackles)
3. Blitzing
4. Our offense

In Texas/OU Analysis: Let’s Get It On, Scipio Tex boiled the game down to three areas, it would be:
1. Red Zone Scoring
2. Colt vs. OU’s Containment
3. Texas' ability to pressure Bradford

And we some great analysis from Sooners and Longhorns alike in the comments section, so don't miss that.

Scipio Tex shows his brass clankers in How We Win: Offense.

Our resident octogenarian, srr50, reminds us of the 1958, 1968, and 1976 games. He is older than John McCain and can use a computer better.

TaylorTRoom broke down the national importance of the Red River Rivalry game with some great stats, including this gem:

In the last 58 years, it has produced 11 MNCs (19%), and teams playing for a MNC the final game 16 times (27.6%). In the 34 times that one of the teams has come in undefeated and untied, and won, they have played for a MNC 16 times. In other words, in this game, where both teams are unbeaten, the winner has almost even odds that they will be playing in the BCS title game, arguably.

You may also want to compete in the Burnt Orange Nation TX-OU Game Week Contest.