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Hungover Thoughts on the Game

Had great 7th row seats at the game (best I've ever had) and I was absolutely struck by the athleticism by both teams. Scrambles and draws that would get Colt 8-9 yards were only netting 2 and 3. Perhaps it was because OU was spying Colt on most passing situations, but still angles were closed much more quickly than I expected.


The other front 7 was just as fast and athletic, if not faster. I expected Orakpo and crew to get their pressure, but I was surprised by the frequency Texas was able to apply pressure especially considering Okie's sumos were holding with impunity. My theory on that is two fold. I think these guys are too big to pass block 50 times a game. Had the officials called the game correctly, I doubt Oklahoma gets to 30. Combine that with the fact Texas was subbing in 8 and 9 different defensive linemen plus Kindle, and you have the recipe for these big cats to wear down in the second half. And they did. Resoundingly so.

Simply put, I think OU's Offensive Line is too big and too fat to pass block 50 plays a game in a no huddle style against a front 7 as deep and talented as Texas.

Offensively, you have to admit Colt McCoy is playing as well as any player in the country. He was throwing into the tightest of windows all afternoon long, and when he scrambled, even when he gained solid yardage he paid for it in the form of a big hit. But he got up time and time again, unlike OU's punter. Colt's approaching Vince Young status considering the offensive talent he's surrounded by and the production he continues to churn out every Saturday.

Cody Johnson is probably the best short yardage, non every down back to play for Mack Brown at Texas. His touchdown on the toss sweep was in my mind the most unheralded play of the game. He should have been stopped, yet fought through to find pay-dirt in what could have been the play of the game had he been stopped short. The other two runs were layups. With Cody on 3rd or 4th and short, I'm not near as worried as I've been in the past.

Quan and Shipley. If Texas had a go to TE like Irby or Finley, they would find the going much easier. But those two tight end playmakers are gone Q and Ship continue to produce even if the passing windows are much smaller with the absence of playmaker to work the middle of the field. Give it up to Cosby and Shipley for bringing their lunch pail every Saturday. Have either of them dropped a catchable ball this year?

Like trying to tackle a tree stump.

Greg fucking Davis. Using Shipley as his TE to take advantage of the mismatch at MLB that Reynold's injury presented was a thing of beauty. And as Scipio and ChrisApplewhite alluded to in their previews, the success created by Davis' wrinkle in the passing game allowed Texas' running game to get on track and ice the ballgame. I got back to the hotel and looked at the box score and I saw that Obyna!###@ had 127 yards. Ofcourse, at the time, and after 28 beers it looked like 112277 yards. But I digress.

Oh, and this morning, on ESPN's Sports Reporters, in case you missed it, Mitch Albom, Steven A. Smith, Mike Lupica, and John Saunders were absolutely gushing over Texas, and McCoy specifically. That's serious national pub and more importantly for Heisman matters, Yankee pub. It's begun, let's validate it with a win over Mizzou, at team that looks much more vulnerable on both's sides of the ball than it did a week ago. Our pass rushing front 7 as well as our running game should find the sledding much smoother than it was yesterday.

Anyway, big win obviously and I'm nothing short of euphoric. Just wanted to give you my substandard and somewhat hazy thoughts.

Did I mention Okie held every fucking down? Jeebus.