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Week 7 Wrap up: Ratings, Notes, First Look Ahead

Ratings Update

Even though it was expected that Texas would move up to #1 in both the All Teams ratings as well as the Division 1-A Teams only ratings, I had no idea how ridiculous the rating value for Texas would be. Equally amazing is the all Big 12 South top 3 and 5 of the top 7 from the conference. Not that there's any pressure or anything, but if the season were over right now, this Texas team would be the #3 team of all time in my ratings. Of course, there's a hell of a long way to go and the road is incredibly difficult. We've played the #2 team in the ratings. We still have to play #5 (or #6), #3, and #7 teams in the next three weeks. That's simply ludicrous.

Obviously if we run the table, which is just simply a huge task and almost unreasonable to even hope for, we could end up as one of the greatest teams of all time. But let's take it one game at a time, maintain our focusness, not count our chickens before they hatch, worry only about the things we can control, and have a lot of chemistry.

College Football Title Belt

Missouri's loss means that the title belt has changed hands. Not only is he 41, not only is he a man, but Mike Gundy is now the heavyweight champion of college football. The upset loss means that either our shot at the belt is postponed one week or else the Baylor Bears will be the reigning champions of college football.


1.) As you should all know by now, this Saturday's game will be the first time that Texas plays as the #1 team in the country since October 13, 1984 against Oklahoma. I would have to think that the 24 year and 5 day stretch between games as the #1 team is near the top of the list for longest in history. Hopefully Bill Little can find out for us.

2.) With 45 points against Oklahoma, this year's group became only the second Texas team ever to score at least 38 points in six straight games. I bet you can guess the other. That other team scored at least 38 points in 11 straight games after being held to 25 in Columbus, Ohio.

3.) 15 other teams have won at least six straight games by double digits: 2005 (10 straight), 2001 (6), 2000 (6), 1990 (6), 1977 (6), 1973 (6), 1969 (9), 1968 (7), 1961 (8), 1947 (6), 1941 (6), 1923 (6), 1920 (8), 1918 (8), 1914 (all 8 games played).

4.) With the 35 points allowed on Saturday, Mack Brown passed Darrell Royal as the head coach who has allowed the most points at Texas. Somehow I don't think he minds. He is 241 behind Royal in the points scored column.

5.) The two-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter from McCoy to Shipley gave us 28,000 points scored in our history and the extra point put us past the mark. As always with our point totals, this is using the official 1-0 final score from our game against Baylor in 1910. Baylor forfeited at halftime while trailing 6-0.

A Look Ahead at Next Week in the Big 12

Based on a first glance using my ratings with a 2.3 scaling factor and a 3.5 homefield advantage. The 2.3 is approximated based on season-to-date performances.

Texas Tech @ Texas A&M - Tech by 24.0

Nebraska @ Iowa State - Nebraska by 11.6

Baylor @ Oklahoma State - Oklahoma State by 25.3

Kansas @ Oklahoma - Oklahoma by 27.3

Kansas State @ Colorado - Colorado by 2.3

Missouri @ Texas - Texas by 18.3