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The State of Aggie Relevance

The State is not strong.

Terrance - I heard that the state of Texas A&M sports is so bad that the Houston Chronicle is PULLING OUT of actively covering Texas A&M Sports! This would be similar to what the Dallas Morning News did earlier this year! Is this true?


You have heard correct. As of next week, the Chronicle will no longer have a reporter assigned to cover A&M athletics. We will be taking stories from the San Antonio Express-News. Joseph Duarte, however, will continue to cover the UT Longhorns and the Big 12. Additionally, this blog will also discontinue after this week. While similar to the Dallas Morning News, it's also a very different move. The Morning News no longer covers any of the Big 12 schools as a beat but they have about three or four reporters who rotate around the schools. Well, take care and it's been fun.