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What Missouri needs to do to win

Scipio has taken a look at what Texas needs to do to win on Saturday. So I'm going to take a look at what Missouri needs to do to win.

1. Protect Chase Daniel

If Texas is able to get pressure on Daniel with just their front four, Missouri will lose. Force them to commit more players. Get your left tackle some help with Brian Orakpo. Chip him with a back, double him with a tight end, roll the pocket away, etc. These will be Big 12 officials so you can probably just hold him every play. Whatever works.

When Texas does bring the blitz, make them pay for it. OU had a lot of success with screens particularly when Texas was in nickel. Put the pressure on Texas' young secondary rather than their experienced front seven.

2. Balance on offense

You have to at least attempt to run the ball so don’t abandon it like you did last week. Texas' young safeties would like nothing more than to sit in cover two the entire game. They may even concede you some runs. Make Texas bring one of their freshmen safeties up in the box to help with run support. Again, put the pressure on Texas’ secondary.

3. Stop Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby

There really isn't anyone else you need to concern yourself with in the passing game. These guys are it. Hell, the last two passes Texas attempted to one of their offensive linemen/tight ends were caught by the opponent.

The four receiver set worked well for Texas last week. When Greg Davis finds something that works, he'll either beat it into the ground or never run it again. I'd bet on seeing it again.

Oklahoma played too much zone. If you do play zone, Cosby and Shipley are going to find openings. Mix up your coverages. Force McCoy to attempt more than just timing throws. OU continually allowed Shipley to get a clean release from the line of scrimmage and then tried to zone him with the middle linebacker. Don’t.

4. Don’t let McCoy beat you with his legs

Pressure him, but be smart about it. He's very good at getting around outside pressure, and he throws on the run as well as anybody. His receivers are fantastic with their route running on busted plays. So keep him in the pocket if you can. Try to bring the pressure from up the middle if possible.

5. Play to win

All those who played to win against Oklahoma State step forward. Not so fast, Gary Pinkel. Missouri took their opening drive all the way to the one yard line last week before deciding to go for a field goal on 4th down. I think that set the tone for the game. You're not going to beat Texas at home by kicking field goals. Don't be Gary the Retard.

Thoughts from anyone other than steven?