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JC Will Start In KC


Jamal Joe Jamail Malcolm-Jamal Warner Jamaal Charles may get his first NFL start after Larry Johnson go slap-a-ho in Da Club. This is Johnson's third charge since joining KC in 2003.

Edgy Interrogative!

Riddle me this: why is that no one ever mentions that Larry Johnson is a coach's kid?

Cogent Analysis!

JC's chance for the spotlight will be against the Tennessee Titans, the best defense in the multi-verse. Jamal's supporting cast will feature Brodie Croyle, the epitome of NFL fail at QB, a weak OL, an embittered Tony Gonzalez who openly begged to be traded out of Kansas City, and a disinterested Dwayne Bowe.

Reader Take Away!

By the third quarter, Jamaal will have more bruises than Larry Johnson's special lady friend.