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Mack Brown Curse #87...Darrell Scott?

Interesting story from Buffzone. Seems like old Darrell has publicly stated he doesn't listen to Darian Hagan, his position Coach. Wow.

"I’m not backing off," Hagan said Wednesday. "I’m coaching him up with intensity. He’s a guy who really has never had anyone to push him and challenge him. So it’s new to him.

"Every little nick is bothersome for him, and he don’t understand that as long as you’re playing this game of football, you’re never going to get healthy, so might as well just fight it out, go as hard as you can and keep pressing on. If you start babying yourself, then this game ain’t for you. But this week he’s been good."

Okay. Nice coaching D-Hag. But then it gets funny.

When asked about Hagan’s philosophy and tough love approach prior to Wednesday’s practice, Scott shrugged it off as a coach being a coach.

"Honestly, you don’t pay attention to him," Scott said. "You just do your best and try to recover fast. I’m not worried about him, I’m worried about me.

"I don’t care if he’s questioning me. I know my limits and I know what I can do."

Fun times in Boulder, huh Darrell? The curse is strong in this one.

CU. Where if you're going to run trains, you'd better play with pain.