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Missouri owes all their success to Texas

Not really. But yeah they do. Sort of.

Kirk Bohls wrote about Missouri's 'permanence' on the college football map in today's Statesman.

This quote caught my eye:

"The Big 12's tougher entrance requirements (that) Texas insisted upon really helped Missouri because they leveled the playing field with the other schools, especially Nebraska," said MU grad Steve Richardson, who has authored a new book on the Tigers called, "Then Pinkel said to Smith."

Ok, that's the worst book title ever (or even evar).

When the Big 12 conference was formed, Texas didn't take much liking to Nebraska's ability to get Prop 48 players in school. We're not operating under Harvard's admission guidelines here, but this isn't Thunderdome either. Nebraska wasn't happy about it, but we didn't care and we usually get what we want.

Hey Missouri?