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Colt McCoy. Epic.

Colt McCoy had a conversation with Jim Rome earlier today, which does not in fact violate his religious beliefs as we initially reported since Rome is not technically, it turns out, a pimp. We sincerely apologize for the mistake. We're currently researching any potential theological complications should Colt need to be in the same room as T. Boone later this week, and will report back as soon as HenryJames finishes The Bible.

Hour 2 : 20 minute mark.

Brief synopsis:

    Rome: Colt, you rock. Why are you so awesome?

    Colt: It's just a blessing to be here at Texas and have fun. Everyone else deserves the credit.

    Rome: Freaking Epic. Colt McCoy. So Slick. That's Great. Awesome. Freaking. Slick. And Awesome.

Or something to that effect.