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OSU looks like the better team so far. Texas is about to start drive 2. I am getting really bad vibes so far . . . I sense a Davis game coming. We're struggling for every yard and they are a few inches and a dropped pass from scoring on 6 plays. Still early.

OSU's defense is typical Gundy, containment in the pocket and confusion in the secondary. A year ago and Colt already has 2 INTs. How well we do on offense will come down to how well we protect and let Colt look around. Guys are open.

Nice freaking pass. 7-0 Texas.

Ever wonder what happens to those kids we string along then end up not taking at the last second? Apparently, they all play for OSU. I haven't heard some of these names in 3 years.

OSU just fumbled, Texas ball. LBs are paying tribute to the 2007 unit. 7-0, end of first. That seemed like a fast quarter, didn't it?

Sidebar: If CBS had to pay all that money for a nipple slip, how much will ESPN owe for airing a live rape this afternoon?

I'm not sure when it happened, but I think OSU might be the 3rd most athletic team in the Big 12 now.

Paul McGuire is either drunk or senile.

Looks like I was right and wrong. This is bad Greg Davis. The difference is Colt. This, for me, is like cracking a code. You can see what Davis has envisioned for the last decade. Colt is a hillbilly babelfish.

14-0. Vondrell is back.

I'll say it again: a year ago OSU is winning 7, 10, or 14-0. Maybe even more. Everybody is doing their jobs now, and Colt is making it all work.

Watching Kindle oscillate between chicken with it's head cut off and actual football player is weird. He played the option so well RC Slocum just shed a tear.

Curtis Brown and Dez Bryant re-enact that rivals photo of Brown 9 feet in the air. Jump ball this, Gundy.

Well, Dez Bryant singlehandedly keeps a drive alive and they score the next play. That seems to happen a lot. We always respond.

Also, I consider the fact that the Texas LBs have no clue what's going on to be a big compliment to Gundy's playcalling abilities.

OSU's defense knows what we're doing, we're just better. They are defending us better than any other team this year. We have to earn every inch but we continue to do so. This offense reminds of of OU's in 2000.

Um . . . nice catch. 21-7.

Quan Cosby is college Marvin Harrison. Someone could talk me into that guy having an NFL career.

Too bad the kickoff team can't tackle. Maybe HJ can teach them to handle Cox.

Pettigrew hasn't had anyone within 5 yards of him all game. QB sneak is short, but OSU would be stupid not to go for it.

21-14. When OSU isn't dropping passes they are torching us and making it look easy. Could be worse for both teams, honestly.

95 yards in 70 seconds? . . . no. Got to pad stats, though. Colt's halftime numbers: 29-26 for 5,000,000 yards.

So it's 21-14, Texas will be kicking off first, and we're lucky to be leading. Ugh. The good news is that Colt will win the game singlehandedly if we can get a couple stops. That'll be an issue though, since they have 9 yards whenever they want to with Bryant or Pettigrew (they should build the entire plane around those guys!). We have the talent to make a play when it's needed moreso than they do, so I think we'll pull it out. We need to take out their Cox, though.

Also, the media will surely chalk up Colt's numbers to an soft OSU defense, but I am here to tell you that it's us, not them. They are playing us perfectly well (Craig James said OSU weathered the storm. No. We weathered the storm).

OK, kickoff is coming. Gundy schooled us in the first half. Let's see what we do about it.

We greased the ball, is what we did. I'll take it. Opening play is a run for 9 around 3 separate holding penalties that will go forever uncalled. Sigh.

We're fucked.

. . . and by we I mean OSU. Inc, penalty, sack. As long as we don't give up big plays -- and aside from a few runs we've held Bryant and co. in check -- we have the talent to end drives.

What's worse? Returner getting tackled in the open field by a kicker, or getting your ass juked by a white boy?

OSU still knows our running game inside and out. If I was calling the shots I'd start going to the draw more than anything else.

WTF? No! What? Ye . . . uh . . . oh, ok. That was close. I have no idea what happened, but we just scored our tenth points of the season following an INT. I bet OU fans cringed right there.

Sack, flag, 2nd and long. Nevermind. Muschamp is getting worked. Gundy knows what he's doing and we always have someone fucking up (Bobino, on the shovel pass). That's the spread for you. It only takes one.

We are still handling OSU when they attempt to go downfield. I guess they have to keep us honest, but I wouldn't overdo it if I was them. No reason to.

Until that, anyway. Fuck. We can't string 3 good snaps together.

Now we get an official review of how many inches the spot was off, 0 or 1. Official replay is the stupidest thing in the world.

That was interference. He clearly pushed off. I am now officially entering whine mode.

Start praying for fumbles.

We stop Pettigrew a few feet short, and the crowd cheers briefly before remembering suddenly the 90% chance of a conversion of 4th down.

We're fucked. The defense is useless today. The offense will have to not only be perfect, but will have to be perfect last with less than 2 minutes on the clock.

Kendall Hunter is perfect for this offense. He's a classic 3-yarder-into-a-5-yarder back. I really like that guy, and the way they use him.

Whew. Coverage sack. Our secondary has been playing really well, I have to say. I shouldn't lump them in with the front. OSU need to go for this 4th and 9. What is a FG going to do? It's gambling against Colt, really. The horse always wins.

Off the top of my head, can you believe that? You can?

I really wonder what our offense would look like with at 65% passer at the helm. Or 60%.

This is ugly. 3rd and 11. Might be time to go past 3 yards now, everyone.

Why OSU continues to blitz on 3rd and long is beyond me.

QB Draw is a play I'd like to see about 300% more of this year.

They've stretch our run game out really well and we haven't adjusted. We can't keep doing that. I mean, it's been ten years now.

It's fated. Colt just threw a bullet pass to a RB standing 3 feet away, who ran backwards for 6 yards. That stuff doesn't just happen.

I think that draw makes Colt's 75th rushing attempt on the season, and his 75th twirling tackle. They showed a high school clip of him a few weeks ago and he did the same thing. Guy just likes to spin when he's touched.

We run east-west and lose a yard. I touched the stove and it was hot.

Olive Garden waitress: Did you like it?

Customer: Yes.


Seriously, fuck that marketing department.

Twirl, fumble, and I am going to go put my head through the window.

I think we should just let OSU score right here. One long play. I'd feel a lot better if we were in OSU's shoes right now instead of our own.

Hunter had 3 runs for 20 yards, then we get a sack. OSU fans feel like me watching the 2006 A&M game, I bet. OSU needs to just run it twice here on 3rd and 4th.

OSU has to go here. They will.

Whew. I'm glad that Mike Gundy's cryptonite appears to be the 4th quarter of games with us.

It's weird coming through in big moments. I'm still not used to it, as you can see.

Big 3rd and 9, do we pass? I would. Colt is our best running game, really. I'd fake the WR screen and run Shipley or Quan up the sideline.

Hey, look at that, I finally got one right.

Geez, this game won't die. 4th and 1 now, from the 1. You have to go for this, Mack.

Oh lord. I'm going to assume we win and stop typing now. I can't take this.

All OSU had to do was mix in a short hitch to Bryant or an underneath cross to Pettigrew off of playaction with their running game and we'd be 6-1. Oh well. Everyone needs a Clint Stoerner moment at some point.

(Except Vince)