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Getting it done when scoring opportunities arise

Do you remember when we struggled mightily when we got to Goal to Go situations a few years back? Well, no longer.

In 8 games this year, Texas has had 24 FIRST AND GOAL situations (3 per game). We have scored 23 touchdowns (16 rushing and 7 passing) in 44 plays. That is an amazing 96% scoring percentage on less than 2 plays per trip. We are getting there and punching it in almost immediately. Obviously, our lone unsuccessful trip was last week versus Oklahoma State in the last 2+ minutes of the game.

Stepping back out to the Red Zone area, Texas has had 46 RZ opportunities (almost 6 per game). We have scored 42 times (91% success rate, 80% TD rate) -- 37 TDs (21 rushing and 16 passing) and 5 FGs. We average 5.96 points per trip inside the red zone. Whoa.

The four unsuccessful trips (in reverse order of appearance)?
1. Turnover on Downs mentioned above
2. Colt McCoy fumble at the 5:27 mark of the 4th quarter against Oklahoma State at the 10 yard line.
3. We knelt on the ball in the victory formation to end of the Missouri game at the 19 yard line.
4. Colt interception at the 14 yard line of UTEP during the first drive of the second half at 12:38 mark.

#3 is a stat anomoly (i.e. not really an unsuccessful RZ trip). So, we managed over 5 straight games without a red zone error. That's clutch in a way that even Huck can understand.