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Officially Pissed

Two things:

1. Graham Harrell emailed us yesterday and let us know he was upset about the meme being distributed that he "Hates Contact". Apparently this isn't true. He did say he thought it dragged in parts and the end where all she finds is her dad pissed him off quite a bit. Thanks Graham for clarifying.

2. I recalled Mike being upset about the game in Austin last year, but the details were fuzzy, so I dug this up to refresh my memory.

Link, Embed Disabled

Oh yeah. Dude was pissed. I had sorta forgotten about that. As if we needed any more logs on the fire of Jihad this Saturday. This is the guy who usually talks about Daniel Boone or Vikings after a game, not personally eviscerating every official crew member with a katana. Though he'd probably leave an origami unicorn or something in their locker if he did. I'm just speculating there, it could just as easily be a dragon or a merman.

Anyway, the point is Leach has been working this angle for awhile now, and while I don't usually enter into Eyes' conspiracy theories or fits of apoplexy regarding officiating in general, I'm fully prepared to see some weird shit go down Saturday night. You should be too. Though it is reassuring that the crew that officiated the TX/OU game (unsubstantiated rumor) might be on deck. I know I feel better.