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Some perspective is in order

I expected that this would be a rebuilding year, and I predicted the team would lose at least four games. I knew we had lost Jamaal Charles and Jermichael Finley on offense. I knew we had a very young secondary. And I knew the schedule would be tough.

Instead look where we are. We're 8-1 and ranked in the Top 10 in every poll. We still have very good chances to win the South and play in a BCS game. We just went 3-1 against four teams ranked in the Top 12.

And how do some of you react? Muschamp can't coach. Kindle is lazy. McCoy looks like his old self. Our secondary can't cover anyone. Our offensive line can't block anyone.

Stop it.

This team has exceeded my expectations. This team has exceeded everyone's expectations. The players have played hard. The coaches have done a good job. Just for once enjoy what this team has done.