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Greg Davis: Opposite day

One thing that's always killed me about Greg Davis is that he has no idea how to use the tools he's given.

For instance, that little shovel pass we run is designed to be run against a blitz, just like a screen. Davis stole the play, but instead prefers to run it against zone defenses, because it's "safer." It's totally backwards. He likes to run the play against the defense best suited to sniff it out.

Last night I managed to score a couple of free, last second tickets, so I got to watch the abortion from above. Now, we did win 49-9 and did double A&M's yardage output, but let me tell you that we were 60 points better than that football team.

We needed to come out smoking, and set the tone right away. Last night was about putting on a show. Instead, we came out with the sense of urgency of a sloth that had just eaten an entire turkey. Until Malcolm Williams' 3rd and 9 conversion early in the second quarter, Texas had sent exactly one receiver more than 12 yards downfield (and it was on Colt's 2nd sack, when he slipped). Up to that point we had run Davis' two favorite plays: the zone that everyone knows how to beat, and the pass play where 4 WRs run to the nearest defender, then stop and turn around. We came out dinking and dunking against a team we can physically dominate.

It was still a beatdown -- the biggest margin of victory since 1898. But it was also the 10th straight time we've come out flat against A&M and won by much less than we should have. It's not usually a big deal, but we are in the ridiculous beauty pageant and last night, of all nights, we needed a big win.

49-9 is pretty good. It should've been 60-3. When Davis leaves we are instantly going to be 20% better. If this team had a coherent running game the score last night wouldn't have mattered. We'd be 12-0 and coming off a 60 point win over A&M.

Hopefully no one actually watched the game but the fans, because the box score is going to look pretty good. The truth is that we did make a statement, and that statement was "OU deserved to go the championship game."

PS - Earl Thomas is the truth.