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Dallas Skyline vs Cypress Woods scouting report

The inimitable Bobby Bragg of Burnt Orange Beat and I travelled to lovely Waco on Saturday to watch the playoff game between Dallas Skyline and Cypress Woods. Skyline has at least a couple of kids that Texas will take a look at for next year so I figured I'd check them out. My eye for talent is unsurpassed. After all, it was I who found CloseToJumping working in a Pasadena salvage yard and brought him to this blog.

Senior DB Steve Williams 5'10" 170 Cal commit

A Cal assistant coach was on hand to watch him. Cy Woods spent most of the game throwing horizontal passes and WR screens. Williams was only tested deep once on an offsides play, and he came up with the int. Also made a good play around the goalline when a Cy Woods player tried to leap over him into the endzone, and Williams hit him before he was able to elevate.

Senior QB Chris Frazier 6'2" 210 SMU commit

Least elusive black dude I've seen since Reggie McNeal, but he doesn't have anything close to McNeal's physical gifts. Not very good with the ball in his hands either. If I'm June Jones, I'm moving him to defense.

Senior RB James White 5'9" 180 Iowa St commit

He finished with around 150 yards, be he just looked like a guy out there. Didn't look particularly stong or fast, but he did make Caucasians miss in space so maybe his frat will win the intramurals championship.

Junior DE Dominque Patterson 6'1" 220

Played with his hand on the ground and also as a stand up rush end. He has a good frame, and he can run. Probably a guy that a school will invite to camp so they can try him out at linebacker.

Junior WR Michael Davis 6'2" 175

The Cal coach said they've already offered. The best player on the field and was criminally misused even though he scored two touchdowns. He has a wiry build with great hands and body control, and he blocks. The only thing I didn't get to see is his top end speed.

Two plays he made stood out. Cy Woods has him double covered with a safety in the first quarter. Davis goes around the corner like he's a turnstile and looks for the ball. While the ball is in the air, Davis locates the safety, looks back for the ball and then catches it over both defenders a yard or so out of bounds. No idea how he came down with it.

Skyline screws around and allows Cy Woods back in the game. It's 28-21 in the 4th quarter, and Skyline is facing a 4th and 2 at the Woods 20. White takes the option pitch to the right and scores untouched. Davis had blocked the cornerback off the field and three yards out of bounds. We watched the replay from the pressbox, and the corner doesn't even show up on the screen.

Junior LB Corey Nelson 6'1" 220

Doesn't look 220. My guess is he's around 200. Missed at least four tackles because he overran the play and didn't break down. Does a good job dropping in pass coverage and had man coverage on receivers a few times. He can run, but he's no Derrick Johnson or Jessie Armstead. But judging him in this game is like judging Roderick Muckelroy against Texas Tech.

Junior WR Joe Powell 6'0" 170

Solid looking player who never ran a route further than 7 yards. He and Davis spent the entire game blocking, and you could tell they both took pride in it. I would have liked to see more of what he could do receiving.

Sophomore DE Anthony Wallace 6'2" 220

See Dominque Patterson.

Junior OT Graylan Hawkins 6'4" 250

At least 6'3", but he doesn't look 250. My guess is he's around 230, but he has a terrific frame. It's just a question of how much weight he can add. He looks like a big tight end and has long arms.

Junior OL Andrew Calloway 6'4" 290

Never played a down, but he looked great in his uniform. So he has that going for him, which is nice. He's a white dude, and Bragg remarked, "Maybe he's the Buck Burnette of Skyline." Then we both laughed uncomfortably.