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Liveblogging Duke vs. Purdue First Half

Why not, I'm drunk and pissed. Plus college basketball is the only true sport left.

Four minutes into the game and you can already tell Duke is horrible matchup for Purdue. Duke is Purdue's better looking older sister. A bunch of wings with some guards sprinkled in. But Duke can throw it in the ocean. Purdue's only hope is to tag along on the date and prevent any 3rd base action.

But Purdue defends the court like HenryJames defends civil unions.

Gene Keady cut his combover. Where's the fun in that.

Hummel finally hits a jumper for the Boilers. Kyle Singler is a less athletic Rex Chapman. Seriously, the kid's a nice player.

Nolan Smith is a huge upgrade over Paulus. Paulus can be just as scrappy off the bench.

I remember Brian Zoubek when he was Taymon Domzalski Erik Meek.

Henderson with a nice slash and finish. Will he gouge out Hansborough's other eye this year?

Games getting ugly, that favors Purdue. It's no wonder that it gets nasty when Paulus is in the game. HE should be playing QB at Notre dame.

Jimmie Burr calls a walk. Wow, I must be drunk.

Here come the Boilers down 3 with 11 to go in the first. K needs to get Paulus the hell out of the game. From my mouth to God's ear, Smith replaces Paulus. Sheyer with a 3. Duke up 8.

Singler is the biggest guy on the floor. Teams with any kind of interior and perimeter balance should give Purdue and Duke fits. Duke up 10 again. Eight to go first half.

If Texas had Nolan Smith, they'd be a shoe in final four team. The kid gets it as a lead guard.

So the sooners feel luckier than Plaxico Burress' femoral artery?

Back to basketball.

Singler vs. Hummel is fun to watch. Back and forth. I wonder if they're woofing at one another. No doubt they're using proper syntax.

Texas can beat either one of these teams if they played patiently in half court trips. Defensively, there's a solid chance they could shut out Purdue. Just awful.

Paulus back in, Purdue makes a run. It'd be unbelievable if it wasn't so believable. Dude couldn't break down Westhead's Loyola Marymount defenses.

A Euro named Calasan is boning Duke off the bench. Singler on the other end could be characterized as a glass eater. Seriously Horn fans, we really have got it good. These two teams have huge glaring holes.

Scheyer gets in the lane and draws a foul. Smart player.

Boilers looking to run at every turn. Their halfcourt offense is dog shit, so it makes sense.

Did I mention that Texas would throttle Purdue. Wow what a horrible match up that would be? Duke can actually find points in a half court setting.

Calasan over hedges and Paulus flops like David Beckam grabbing his imaginary shin guard. Duke's trainer tosses him an orange wedge.

I can't take watching this anymore, but at least now the hammies are warmed up for the Bruins.