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Mike Leach: Happiness is Lubbock in My Rearview Mirror

Leach keeps trying to live the title of that old Mack Davis song, he just can't find anyone who is willing to bail him out.

Tennessee? Nope, they went with a 33-year old whose only head coaching experience was a disaster in Oakland.

Clemson? Nope, they went with an assistant on the staff of the guy they fired.

Washington? Nope, they went to the same coaching tree as Tennessee and are hoping that a Pete Carroll assistant is the answer.

Now you can add Auburn to the list of schools who took at look at Leach and decided that maybe that they would prefer a Nutt as a coach over Leach.

Leach is obviously pissed at Tech for dragging their feet over a new contract last summer. He lobbied hard for the UCLA job when it came open last year but the Bruins considered him a non-starter.

So Leach leads Tech to their most successfull season ever, and the reward for an 11-1 season is a Cotton Bowl berth and no luck in finding a way out of town. It looks like Tech AD Gerald Myers was ready to let Leach leave last summer.

However, the new Tech President likes Leach and would like to make a deal.

It's enough to make a Pirate want to walk the plank.