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Gary Danielson Hearts Tim Tebow

We get it. You want to take a shower with Tim Tebow and personally supervise all scrotum cleaning efforts.

Dude throws a simple touchdown pass and all of a sudden he's an amalgamation of Neils Bohr, Dan Fouts, Robin Hood, John Elway, Vince Lombardi, Techno-Viking, Gandhi, MegatronOptimus Prime, and George S. Patton.

I'll still take Vince but congrats to Tebow and the Gators. He'll probably win the Heisman now, depending on what sort of three hour advertorial informercial Sam Bradford puts on in a few minutes.

Still, assuming the raping we've already taken in the BCS continues, I'm glad Florida will play OU. Hopefully, they'll embarrass Bob again.

Go Gators. Go away Gary.