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OU/Missouri Postgame Thoughts

The bomb with 4:00 minutes left in the game with OU holding a 34 point lead was class. Like David Niven in a linen suit. If coaching doesn't work out for Stoops he should consider sommelier school.

Sam Bradford is a really good player, but he has dopey hair. So weigh that into your Heisman votes, science.

The thing I liked most about Missouri was their intensity.

Chase Daniel has successfully transformed his narrative from wrongfully scorned local boy done good to a classic case study on why you always allow the fiery gnomish intagible-laden fat boy suburban program creation to leave the state; in fact you pack his bags, give him a sandwich for his Southwest flight. The next big game he wins will be Thanksgiving touch football in a Dallas cul-de-sac.

I loved him in Rent though.

I honestly suspect Derrick Washington of having a major cocaine habit. Not since Chuck Muncie on a paint thinner binge have I seen a back so utterly removed from the action on the field. The weird halting strides; the strange lurching at tackler's shoelaces; when he dove to the ground shrieking during the pre-game flyover. This was Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas in shoulder pads.

Not to beat a dead horse, but the hair, man. You can't find a Pro-Cuts, Sam? Text John Parker Wilson for advice. That guy's hair is just exquisite. He's like a Bama Breck girl.

When Musberger and Herbstreit cheered on OU's efforts to score 60+ by keeping in their starters until the bitter end, I was reminded that we live in a country where half of the populace believes that a zero down all interest three month ARM mortgage stacked with a home equity loan to lease a Land Rover and the use of a 24% APR credit card to flip time-shares in Reno is seen as laudable and ambitious.

Missouri WR Tommy Saunders, I saw you. You too Chase Coffman; you and your bunion toe. Your teammates had all but quit on the Thursday walk thru and the Mizzou defensive linemen were apparently told pregame that they had to count to seven Mississippi before mounting a pass rush, but you were both out there battling for every yard, blocking hard, and giving the effort guys with a shot at a championship should. Carry your heads high tonight.

Toby Keith was on the OU sideline. Wearing a camo jacket with NASCAR style wraparounds resting on his baseball cap. Sometimes reality is the best punchline.


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