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Mike The (Siberian) Tiger

I love Bevo. He is the 4th best mascot in all of college football, but there are stronger choices.

My top 5 are:

5. Uga The Bulldog (Georgia)
4. Bevo The Longhorn (Texas)
3. Ralphie The Buffalo (Colorado)
2. Moishe The Clever Patent Attorney (Yeshiva)

However, whatever you think of LSU: its rampant cheating, general air of decadence, and paucity of students capable of four digits on the SAT, they know how to have a good time and they've got one badass mascot: behold - Mike The Tiger.

Apparently, it snowed three inches in Baton Rouge yesterday.

mike tiger 4

mike tiger 3

mike tiger 2

mike tiger 1

Some interesting facts:

- This is Mike VI
- He's still a young sub-adult. When he's full grown, he'll go about 600 pounds
- His penis would make an excellent virility potion
- The likelihood of him mauling a drunken Cajun who tries to sprint across his enclosure on a dare from friends is around 87%