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Old man yells at cloud

In perhaps the largest Futile Aggie Boycott Gesture in recorded history, Texas Rep. Joe Barton has sponsored a bill to make the coronation of a national champion by the BCS system illegal, in contradistinction from it's current status as simply immoral. Readers might remember Rep. Barton from his controversial "Sell Oklahoma to the Japs" bill in 2004.

Apparently Barton instead favors a 16 team playoff, noting that his Aggies should also have a shot- though after reading a folded note from a staffer he later amended that to a 96 team playoff.

"We’re never going to abolish all controversy, and who’d really want to be rid of it anyway?" Barton asked. "People will argue about who should be in and out of playoffs, too, like maybe a really scrappy 4-8 team could get in there, but I am confident when more of the most-deserving teams can compete, a true national champion in much likelier to emerge."

BC staff unanimously support this plan, unless we win one next year, in which case it sucks.