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Awards Banquet

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The Texas football team had their banquet last night, and it looks like this year's ceremony was different than previous ones. How so? Not every player on the team got an award. But how can you not give the outstanding linebacker award to each starting linebacker?! That's why Mack Brown gets the big bucks.

So who did win?

Lan Hewlett Academic Award: Chris Ogbonnaya
Coca-Cola Community Service Award: Quan Cosby, Colt McCoy
Frank Medina Rehabilitation Award sponsored by United Healthcare: Aaron Lewis, Adam Ulatoski
Dr. Nasser Al-Rashid Strength & Conditioning Award: Roy Miller, Brian Orakpo

And then the team voted for the rest of the awards:

D.X. Bible Most Team Spirited (Offense): Chris Hall
Clyde Littlefield Most Team Spirited (Defense): Roy Miller
Joseph W. Moore Tenacity Award for Defense: Sergio Kindle, Roy Miller (This should really be named after Tenacious D.)
Frank Denius Most Valuable Special Teams Player: Jordan Shipley
D. Harold Byrd Tenacity Award for Offense: Adam Ulatoski
Mike Campbell Most Valuable Defensive Player: Brian Orakpo
Darrell K Royal Most Valuable Offensive Player: Colt McCoy
George "Hook" McCullough MVP: Colt McCoy
Roy Williams Joe Jamail Leadership Award: Colt McCoy, Roy Miller, Brian Orakpo, Ryan Palmer
Team Captains Award: Quan Cosby, Colt McCoy, Roy Miller, Brian Orakpo

I for one welcome our new performance-based awards.