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Quick post mortem on Texas State Game

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this game because I don't think it's a real indication of Texas' ability. The bottom line is this team went to Hawaii and should have beaten an explosive Notre Dame team. They came home and knocked of a good UCLA squad, only to turn around and fly to the East coast to beat a very talented Villanova team in convincing fashion. Games like this happen, especially when you only shoot 35 percent from the field, play lethargic defensively, and rebound like a SWAC team. Usually teams in this spot get Gardner-Webb'd.

Offensively. A couple of areas of concern.

We need to make layups. Point blank. If I'm Barnes my guys are doing Mikan drills for an hour or until they throw up from dizziness. It's getting ridiculous. The lack of finishing near the rim cost us the Notre Dame game and nearly cost us the UCLA game.

Post Entry. Yeah, water's wet, but when Reid Gettys and whatever spare play by play guy are making fun of you as a team for your inability to enter the post, then the shit has gotten out of hand. If we aren't spending 25% of our practice reps entering the basketball in some form or fashion, we're doing our talented frontcourt a disservice. My brother commented that the reason our big men miss so many bunnies is a function of their surprise when receiving a half decent entry pass. Go hire Chris Corchiani, Pete Newell's wife, or any perimeter spare that played in the Big East circa 1984, to come teach the damn thing if need be. It's costing us 10 points and 4 drawn personal fouls minimum each contest.

Foul Shooting. Gary Johnson and Damion James go 8-20 combined? Seriously? That's just stupid. These are two of the most likely candidates to get to the line. They need to start taking this aspect of the game seriously. Bring in two or three girls' high school ball players and challenge these fellas to a foul shooting contest. It may be the only way to convey the message that their performance on the foul line is an embarrassment to them and the team.


Perimeter defense. In Southwest Texas parlance, we played defense like bouncers at Abratto's hell bent on protecting their club from coke, underage girls, and glow sticks. Benson, Bush, and White should have been granted a Jerry West silhoutte patch for the way they took us off the dribble. You would think we were guarding Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott, and Brian Oliver.

Rebounding. Our rebounding effort was the type you'd reserve for a directional school...oh wait. Playing even on the glass with the Bobcats is alarming to say the least.

In summary, we need to get this shit corrected before we play the Spartans. I suspect that the effort aspects of the game will take care of themselves, but there is still a lot of coaching to be done with this group.

Sorry for the brevity. But what can I say, it was SWT...err...Texas State.